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Marketplace for premium .ly domains

Libyan Spider recently announced the launch of, an online marketplace for premium .ly domains. offers you all the required tools to advertise your .ly domain online among a community of users from all around the world. is divided into 3 main sections:

  • Buy from the best .ly domains selection
  • Sell your .ly domains fast and easy
  • Search for .ly domain hacks

Registration is fast and easy, you can start selling your domains in no time!

Buy from the best .ly domains selection

  • You can buy a domain at the listed price or submit an offer for negotiable domains.
  • You can browse the domains list easily or search for a specific domain; you can also sort domains by category.
  • You can send a private message to the domain owner (seller) or join a discussion on the domain page.
  • Each user has a private control panel with the management tools and statistics of his account.

Sell your .ly domains fast & easy

  • Add your .ly domain(s) easily into your account.
  • Each domain will have a dedicated page with all the details.
  • Add keywords and a description for each domain under your account.
  • You can specify the domain price or leave it open for negotiation.
  • Join a discussion on any domain page.
  • Receive/Send private messages to domain owners (sellers).
  • Each user has a private control panel with the management tools and statistics of his account.

Search for .ly domain hacks

As most premium .ly domains have been already sold, you can only acquire one at the secondary market, either by contacting the domain owner directly or via a broker, e.g., Sedo. Libyan Spider has created a .ly domain hacks search tool for you, to get inspiration for new .ly domain hacks.

Visit this link and try typing "currently" to check different hacks and their availability.

Register your account now! And start benefiting from all the above features for FREE. If you don't make a sale, we don't charge a fee! For further information please email

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